LT Lu and Christian Photos
SO many photos, we are in the process of updating this page and adding lots of new photos and you can also see more photo albums on our Facebook Page links to these photo albums can be found on our News Page

Please click on the thumbnail for each Photo Album to view the photos and read our comments in each individual Photo Album so you can get to know us and our personalities.
Happy Halloween 2014 portfolio VIBs Weston Super Mare Mini Tour portfolio Cornwall VIBs Visit Lappa Valley Railway portfolio
Ahoy VIBs On Pirate portfolio Trevornick Camping portfolio Watergate Bay portfolio
VIB's Tabb's Chocolate portfolio Kernow Bears Gear portfolio LT's Birthday portfolio
Sunday’s VIB’s Rest Day portfolio Quading Bears portfolio Bling Rings and Things portfolio
Christian Footballer portfolio Skating Bears portfolio Idyllic Life portfolio
Xmas New Year Egypt portfolio Fun City portfolio Weekend In Somerset portfolio
Gorgeous CJ portfolio