About Us

We are very busy pampered bears, always up to something, we go everywhere with our Human Parent "HP". We meet lots of lovely people, make lots of friends and they are always interested to hear what we have been up to. We have become Cornwall's famous celebrity Bears the VIB's "Very Important Bears".

Getting to know LT Lu and Christian
We are inseparable forever, but we are all very different!

Mr Little Ted "LT" James
LT is caring, thoughtful, intelligent, and hardworking. LT LOVES reading, he is also the brains of the trio, and their accountant making sure all their pocket money is saved or spent wisely and sufficient to fund the trio’s lifestyle. LT doesn't like spending money or any more money than he has to.

LT is the eldest Teddy his birthday is 14 February and he will be 19 on his next birthday, LT's girlfriend is
Lu and LT's Best Friend is Christian.

Miss Lucy "Lu" Monaco
Lu brings the bling to the trio! Lu is loving, fearless, bossy, impatient, high maintenance and a spendthrift. Lu LOVES all things expensive, Lu tells LT “she’s worth it”

Lu has a want to do list she wants to visit Monaco & Monte Carlo but
LT said no shopping, too expensive they can't afford it. Lu also wants to go to New York, Disney Orlando and learn to drive a truck. LT gets scared when Lu drives their car LT & Lu 1. Lu's Birthday is 25 December and Lu will be 6 on her next birthday.

Mr Christian “CJ” James
Christian is very relaxed, always eager to please and he believes LT knows everything! Christian thinks he is extremely handsome and he never misses an opportunity to use his charm particularly with the ladies!

No girlfriend for Christian, he thinks lady bears are like Lu too bossy and expensive! Christian LOVES cooking, gardening, riding his motorbike and now he's passed his test driving LT & Lu 1. Christian's Birthday is 9 August; and Christian will be 13 on his next birthday.

Our Perfect Life
Although we each have our favourite things we LOVE to do, we all have the same thing at the top our wish lists to go to Monaco for Formula 1 Grand Prix, preferably watching it from the deck of a luxury motor cruiser in Monte Carlo Harbour, Lu adds "while sipping champagne

LT and Christian are quite happy to remove champagne and even the luxury motor cruise from their wish list, as they would be happy to sit anywhere with a view of the Monaco Grand Prix Circuit! LT did the costings sadly we would need to be billion bears to afford to go to the Monaco Grand Prix. LT is a huge Lewis Hamilton fan Lu LOVES Mark Webber but since his retirement her F1 hero is now Daniel Ricciardo! Jenson Button is Christian's Hero.

We also LOVE camping in our tents in the Summer but Spring Autumn and Winter camping for us is has to be in the RV much more appropriate for pampered celebrity bears. We also LOVE being out and about especially when meeting lovely peeps you might even see us in our Cornish Kilts.
We do a lot of travelling and you can see some of the places we've visited on our Photos Page, and we will be adding more photos of us out and about on our Travels.